What Will and Grace Taught Me
And they say television doesn't teach you anything.

I know I said I would be back on track by this month but we’re going to be moving soon and between packing and work I can’t really keep up the way I want to. As soon as we get everything in order and settled I will be back to updating as usual. Please feel free to continue submitting in the meantime.

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I finally got Instagram and Snapchat. You guys should add me: izzytheasshole

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Anonymous asked: "THANK YOU. I was having a truly awful work day but 5 minutes on this blog and I feel as happy as Will ironing napkins :)"

Ahhhhh you’re so welcome! I’m glad it perked you up.

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heyitsmandyg94 asked: "did sean saves the world really get cancelled?!?! D:"

Unfortunately, yes :(

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Sean Saves the World has been cancelled and that is just malarkey.

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