What Will and Grace Taught Me
And they say television doesn't teach you anything.

regal-mills asked: "Could you send me the pic you used for #442? I would like to add it to a collage I'm making. I will give you credit :) thanks"

I don’t have that exact cap anymore because i don’t save them but I could try to recap it for you if that works. Just let me know :)

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love you, bb <3

love you, bb <3

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THIS IS HOW I FEEL AT THE MOMENT willandgraceforever whatwillandgracetaughtme


westwickham asked: "I've met Debra Messing! I was like 10 or something and I was swimming in the Versace hotel's pool and she was there! She was with her nephew and I started playing with him and his toys and she was talking to me! Such a strong American accent :p Felt like tellin' ya, there's not too many people I know that know her :("

I am insanely jealous right now.

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